With more than 20 years in Real Estate and over 25 years experience in target marketing, David Reecher breaks down everything you need to know to sell your home quickly and for top dollar.

David Reecher Target Marketing Specialist

Rapid Results Team Of Coldwell Banker

"Since September 2005, I have enjoyed working with you selling luxury homes. Over the past 39 years, with 16,000 closed properties, I can honestly say 'you are absolutely the hardest working professional Realtor I have ever worked with.' Your knack for targeting buyers for the Luxury Home Market is unique and successful. For sellers looking for tremendous interest, from qualified buyers, you are the answer." 

~Jim Gall, Founder of "Auction Company of America".

"David Reecher & The Rapid Results Team sold our property in 20 days for $125,000 MORE than any other Realtor believed it was worth!"
~Ken & Barbara S
How We’re Different From Other Realtors:

Any Maryland Realtor or flat fee commodity broker can put your property on the MLS, but a truly successful selling experience takes much more work. You need to have a plan of action to get your house in front of the right buyers at the right times.  

And in particular, if you want any guarantee of creating real demand for your property, you must target off-market buyers who match what your property has to offer. This is both an art & a science (see below)! 

You need properly crafted marketing messages to generate emotional responses from the buyers you target. This is matching the right message to the right market and it is the true definition of target marketing. 

David Reecher and the Rapid Results Team, have the experience and the marketing knowledge to help you sell your house fast and for a great price. 

We sell the improved lifestyle and other benefits your property has to offer, we do not focus on selling your brick & mortar, because people do not buy brick and mortar, they buy the benefit the brick and mortar provides to them.  

Our Process Is Simple

  • We’ll research your house and provide a FREE Home Value Report
  • We will identify, in great detail, who your buyer is. This is done before we ever agree to take a new client. From their income & assets to their interests, hobbies, family size including pets, and where they are likely to be moving from. When you know exactly who your buyer is, finding them becomes easy. 
  • ​If we agree to work together, we will handle all the details to get your house sold fast! Leave everything to us! 

Here's How We Identify And Target Off-Market Buyers For Your House  

1). The first thing we do is to identify who the most opportune prospects for your property are. This is done by listing the specific amenities and features for your area (schools, community, etc.), and specific features inside and outside your home (the very same features & benefits that drew you to it, plus any beneficial upgrades since you purchased).
2). We then match those great things about your property and area up to the qualified people who would love it as you have over the years. From their income & assets needed to qualify financially; to family age & size; their hobbies, interests & subscriptions; current lifestyle, etc,.

This process will enable us to identify the exact type of person who would WANT your property based on your home’s amenities and the list selects available through our data providers.

3). We use multiple list brokers to provide us a list or lists of people who fit the criteria laid out above (called list selects).

 This becomes your "most opportune prospect list"

Truth be told, the most opportune prospects who are willing to pay the highest price for your house are generally off-market buyers. A certain percentage of these people will have a favorable response to such a property being available. In turn, they only look at your home and price isn’t as much of a factor for them because it matches exactly what fits their family’s needs - so they decide to write you an offer and make the move, even though they were not actively looking to buy.

The effectiveness of this type of marketing is not up for debate, as it has been proven over and over thousands of times throughout the United States - getting homes sold for more money with a faster sales time. 

NOTE: Once we have your “most opportune prospect list”, we then determine what message and what delivery mechanisms to use in order to get attention and pique their interest to what it is we are offering (a new lifestyle). Price range and demographics will be important factors in helping us to make this determination.
"We had been on the market for more than 300 days with a "top brokerage firm" before you got involved with selling our waterfront home. You, by far, created more buyer interest than any other agent. We were very pleased with the end result, as we ended up netting $30,000 more than we had expected."
~James L 

Taking The Next Step Is Free, No Obligation Whatsoever

Call or email me right now so we can schedule a time for me to come to your house, tell you your value, show you exactly how I can sell it, and answer any questions you may have. There’s no cost or obligation whatsoever for us to get together to discuss some options. Before we meet, I’d like you to start thinking about the best time for you to close on your home, where you’d like to move to and how much time you think you’ll need prior to closing to get everything moved. It’s best to have all of this worked out in advance to ensure I can meet exactly what it is you are looking for. If we decide to work together, I would be interested in putting a Rapid Results Closing Agreement together to sell your house immediately.

So with all that said, you’re probably wondering…  “WHAT IS THE RAPID RESULTS CLOSING AGREEMENT?”

Rapid Results Closing Agreement:

This is what we’ve found to be the fastest, easiest, and most profitable approach for you getting to the closing table with the sale of your house. 

Obviously, for what I do, the state requires I have a real estate license. However, the last thing I’d ever classify my closings is something a typical real estate agent does. I’m interested in SELLING homes, not LISTING them in hopes that the random buyer would stroll by. So if you are sincere about selling your property quickly, while ensuring you get every single penny you deserve, then this is something that will be of interest to you.

Let's meet and I will show you the entire menu of services in the Rapid Results Closing Agreement. In fact, if at the end of our 20 minutes, you feel I’ve wasted your time, I’ll give you $100 right there on the spot.

So in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m sure you understand that we don’t publish our full approach in writing for the entire world to see. Yes, it’s completely different than anything you’ve ever seen before and yes, it’s normal for you to be skeptical. So I understand. I always recommend homeowners be “cautiously optimistic” when exploring their options and that’s what we need here as well. We simply need to get together for about 20 minutes so you can see how everything works.

I know you’ll absolutely love this targeted marketing approach and it certainly whips the pants off of the old school way of selling a home.

I can only effectively work with so many clients at one time, so if you are interested in selling your house fast, let's get together today.
If we do decide to work together to sell your house, we will commit in writing to getting you your minimum desired sales price, or I will agree to reduce my commission. 

To be covered in detail when we meet!  
P.S. If you skipped all the way to this “P.S.” just to find out what all this was about (like me) then here’s the scoop...

If you would rather not spend the thousands of dollars required to effectively use target marketing, and would rather have someone qualified spend their own money for your benefit. Then I will also give you a free no-obligation consultation to answer any questions that you may have and/or to go over my "menu of services" with you. After-all, the person who can sell your house quickly for top value, is not an expense. Their fee is earned from the higher sales price they achieved for you.  

Give me a call if you would like to meet, as outlined above. Let’s get you to the closing table.

(443) 623-2565 or Davidreecher@RapidResultsTeam.com
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