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Special Bonus: Agent Selection Guide

Everything you need to know about choosing the right Real Estate agent to sell your house.

If you’re thinking about selling your house, this short “Home Sellers Guide” will be worth its weight in GOLD to you! 

  • Why not knowing your local real estate conditions before you attempt to sell your house, could cost you $10’s or even $100’s of thousands dollars simply due to sitting on the market for an extended period of time.
  • ​This report breaks down the current market conditions in Anne Arundel and surrounding counties – and shows you exactly what you need to know and do, in order to sell your house quickly and for the most money. 
  • ​What 99% of all real estate agents do to sell a house, and why it will likely NOT be enough if you want any guarantee of finding your buyer quickly. 
  • ​How adding one additional approach to what agents already do, practically guarantees you will sell your house quickly and for top dollar. 
  • ​And so much more...

How to choose the Right Agent to Sell Your Home:

  • How to determine what approaches will work best to sell your (particular) home quickly, and how to pick an agent who understands this. 
  • ​Why identifying who your buyer is, first, before beginning the sales process is key, and when done correctly, almost always guarantees you will sell quickly.
  • ​How the right agent can create demand for any property, in any market condition, and how to make sure they are the right fit to sell your house.  
  • ​Why trying to pinch pennies by hiring someone who is cheap, may cause you to sell your house well below its real value, verses hiring a marketing specialist who will earn you more than their cost
  • ​Choosing the right agent is crucial.
  • ​And much more...

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"After being on the market for almost a year with a conventional broker and agent, we knew there had to be a better way. From start to finish, David sold our 5 acre luxury estate in less than 60 days for the price I had hoped for. I would never consider buying or selling a luxury home without first calling David Reecher."
~Clay W
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